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Forthcoming roles on offer...

We are looking to fill several roles in our forthcoming production of The Vortex, by Noel Coward. The play depicts the sexual vanity of a rich, ageing beauty, Florence Lancaster and her troubled relationship with Nicky, her adult, artistic son. The play also confronts drug abuse in British society circles in the 'Roaring Twenties' after the Great War.This production will run from 20th April to 27th April 2019 (with no performance on Sunday 21st). The roles we still need people for are:
Tom - male, 30's. Younger lover of Florence.
David - male, 50's-60's. Husband to Florence and father of Nicky.
Bruce - male, 30's-50's, a dramatist.

Please email Jon at if you are interested in auditioning.