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Currently Casting

Auditions to be held at Stockport Garrick Theatre – Wed 4th Aug 2021

Educating Rita – 7pm
A Kind Of Alaska – 8pm
The Dumb Waiter – 9pm

Scripts and auditions pieces will be available in the bar area from 6:30pm
If you are unable to attend on the day but wish to be considered then please contact Sandy McGregor ( before the day.

Educating Rita - Willy Russell

Director Sarah Doyle
Performance dates…………..October 16 – 23 2021


Age - 26. Accent: Liverpool.
Rita is a young, lively hairdresser, married and willingly childless. Feeling unfulfilled and wanting to break out of the limitations of working class life she enrols on an Open University English Literature course with a desire to broaden her mind, world and to find herself - much to the disapproval of her husband.

Age - early 50s.
A middle-class academic and former poet who tutors Rita. Frank is disillusioned with his life. He drinks heavily, does not care about teaching and has trouble with relationships. Rita is a breath of fresh air for him and he comes to care for and value her, but struggles with her burgeoning independence and adopting the pretensions of university culture he despises.

A Kind of Alaska - Harold Pinter

Director Josh Holden
Performance dates…………..November 20 -27 2021

Synopsis: Deborah was a lively sixteen-year-old and part of a close knit family when she fell victim to sleeping sickness. Twenty-nine years later, having been watched over throughout by the same doctor, she comes to life and gradually tries to adjust to the world around her.


A hospital patient who has suffered from sleeping sickness (Encephalitis lethargica) since she was sixteen years old. She is in her mid-forties and has been asleep for twenty-nine years; hence, she does not know her age. She wakes as the play begins, and in her attempts to realize what has happened to her, she alternately thinks that she has merely overslept, that she has been awakened from the dead, that she is imprisoned, or a victim, or that she is in a fairy tale. Unable to think or behave as a grown woman, Deborah speaks in the inflated romantic or sharply petty tones of an adolescent. Her speech is unconnected to her surroundings. She has the sexual preoccupations of an adolescent and attaches sexual meanings to her sleep, as well as to her awakening by Hornby.

The physician who has cared for Deborah for twenty-nine years and now wakes her. He is in his early sixties and is married to Pauline and is therefore Deborah’s brother-in-law. Although he seems, at first, to be a dispassionate physician who limits his talk to simple statements and queries, his personal involvement in Deborah’s case is revealed as the play progresses. He views his care and awakening of Deborah in sexual terms, just as she does: He has become obsessed with her. It is Hornby who gives Deborah the most specific details of her illness and of the fate of members of her family, and he insists to her that it is the conscious ones who have suffered the most from the effects of her sickness.

Deborah’s younger sister, who is married to Hornby. She is in her early forties. She is the only member of Deborah’s family who is present onstage. Initially rejected by Deborah, who cannot see her sister in the grown woman, Pauline tentatively gives facts to her sister, but she is deliberately vague: She does not mention their mother’s death, their father’s blindness, or their older sister Estelle’s wasted life. She also describes herself as a “widow,” leaving it to Hornby to reveal their marriage and the cause of its failure: his devotion to the unconscious Deborah.

The Dumb Waiter - Harold Pinter

Director Matt Todd
Performance dates…………..November 20 -27 2021


Gus is the junior hit man, still slightly green and a little nervous, sensitive and inquisitive. He frequently questions the pair's situation and the authorities who put them there, which puts him into conflict with Ben.

Ben is the slightly older, more experienced authority figure, calm and collected but with a definite temper. He prefers to be left alone and would ideally sit silently and read the paper while waiting for the next order. Ben doesn't like to question the status quo, and tries to bring Gus back into line whenever his questions get too deep.