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New Writing

Simon Stephens and others

Photo of the company of the SIMON STEPHENS: THE STOCKPORT PLAYS event at our FESTIVAL OF NEW WRITING (May 2018)


Our history is full of supporting new plays - performing plays by Ibsen and George Bernard Shaw when they were new and considered risky on the professional stage. We were known for performing new plays written by local playwrights and our membership and our very first membership newsletters set out our aim of remembering to give newer plays their chance too. We've not done many brand-new plays in recent years but we're still known for putting on plays that might be considered unusual choices for an amateur theatre.

It's very unlikely we'll be in a position to put on a production of your play, at least anytime soon, but we can try our hardest to provide support for anyone looking to finish their plays. This could be by giving feedback on a peer-to-peer basis if it's wanted. We're a volunteer company with a membership excited to help support new writing, so we could arrange workshops or readings of your play, giving you free space and people for development.

if you want to send us a play

  1. We're only able to offer support for anyone looking to develop their play - If you think your play is completey finished you probably shouldn't send it to us.

  2. We can only consider providing support to playwrights living in Stockport or close by within Greater Manchester.

  3. Email your play to Tom at

  4. Make sure you Include a cast list with any potential doubling and ensure pages are numbered.

  5. In your email include your name, postal address and a contact number.

  6. In less than 30 words, let us know what you think your play is fundamentally about. What is the main question your play is attempting to answer. This works best if you don't think of this as a synopsis.

  7. Include a short paragraph about what kind of support you hope to received from us.

  8. Don't include a full synopsis with your play.

  9. You don't need to inlcude any other info about you or your experience as a playwright so far.

  1. We’ll let you know once we’ve got your play. Please be aware that this is being organised by volunteers. We’ll try our hardest to keep you updated but please allow some time for us to reply.

  2. We’re unable to guarantee that plays sent to any other emails or through the post will be considered or get through to us.

  3. We can only accept submissions of new writing for the stage. Please do not send radio, television and film scripts, novels and poetry or adaptations.