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The Basement Refurbishment

garrick basement

The refurbishment of our basement area to turn it into a usable space for our Youth Wing, the theatre and community groups continues apace. Structural repairs have now been made to the girders, the walls and floor have been upgraded and damp-proofed with both the necessary ventilation and toilets installed. But there is still much to do to bring it back into full operation, particularly with regard to its heating, lighting and redecoration.

Upon completion, it is estimated the full cost to the Garrick will have been around £250,000. We have utilised our cash savings, received generous donations from the public, our membership and organisations and raised loans to afford this. Although all our plans were fully costed in advance, we were not able to foresee our ongoing performance income being halted by the Covid-19 epidemic.

Donations towards our ongoing costs are still very much required and appreciated. Should you wish to contribute towards this most worthwhile cause, please follow the link below.

The Story So Far...

To see the full story of how things have gone so far, take a look at the three photo-packed – and very funny – chapters of “The Garrick Basement Diaries”...

images of the basement refurbishment