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29 AUG - 7:30PM

Please note that we're asking people to fill in a Google Form to express their interest in auditioning for THINGS I KNOW TO BE TRUE, you'll find the link at the bottom of this section.

by Andrew Bovell
16 - 23 MAR 2024
Main Stage
DIR: Martin Pritchard

An insightful, warm and eloquent portrayal of family relationships.

Bob and Fran have invested all their hopes in the next generation, working hard to give their children the opportunities they never had. Whilst Bob and Fran hope to sit back and smell the roses, their adult children are all at a point of crisis and struggle to define themselves beyond their parents' love and expectations. What do generations owe each other and why do we often hurt those we love the most? THING I KNOW TO BE TRUE is about love in its many forms; love that can be comforting and supportive, or suffocating and destructive. And is it possible to love too much?


I first saw this play via Digital Theatre during lockdown, staged by Frantic Assembly in collaboration with the State Theatre Company South Australia. Frantic Assembly have since produced an education pack, which is rich with insights into the original Australian production, including notes on the background to the themes and ideas of the play, and the process of developing and staging the script.

Whilst we have a completed script, in early rehearsals we will still be developing our own collaborative interpretation of the play, seeking to identify and realise its complexities, and exploring the possibilities of musicality and of movement in this physical theatre piece. So every rehearsal will be one everyone needs to attend!
Niels Frahm was the composer of the music used in the professional productions of this play: I intend to use much of the same, but to add to it if a theme or idea can be complimented.

Characters: the Price family - a close, working class suburban family.

Rosie Price- At 19, Rosie is the youngest of the Price family. When we meet her she's just returned from her first trip to Europe.

Fran Price - Fran is 57. She is a strong, determined, loyal and loving individual; the fulcrum of the family. She is a senior nurse.

Bob Price - Bob worked in a car assembly factory from 16 until he retired at 56. He is now 63, and conscious of time on his hands. His main focus is his garden, his roses, and his family. He idolises his wife. He finds it hard to understand or empathise with the issues his children have to deal with.

Ben Price - Ben is 28, and works in financial services. He has aspirations to be like the 'monied' colleagues he works alongside.

Pip Price - Pip is 34, and education department bureaucrat. She is married, with children. However, dissatisfied with her life choices, she determines to make changes.

Mia Price - Mia is 32. In the play, we first meet Mia as Mark Price. Before the end of Act One she reveals to her family that she does not align herself with the biological sex and gender assigned to her at birth. She tells her family that she will be leaving home and is ready to undergo hormone treatment and live as a woman. We see her return home at the end of the play as Mia Price. We encourage anyone who is gender-queer/non-binary/transgender/LGBTQIA+/on their own gender identity journey to audition. The character is a transgender female but presents and is referred to as male for the first section of the play. There are themes and dialogue to do with parental rejection. We are very keen to try and present this character in an accurate way and with the utmost respect for the community. We would love to receive interest from anyone who feels they could do this complex (and funny!) character justice.

Auditions will be in 3 parts:

We will look at pages 9-22 together - Rosie's homecoming - and get a sense of how the family bounce off one another.

Improvisations based on similar family situations

Specific passages for individual characters, as follows:
Rosie from pgs 5 - 8
Pip from pgs 23 - 24
Mia/Mark from pgs 43-44 or pgs 55-56
Ben from pg 57
Fran & Bob pgs 59-60


We're an amateur theatre where people pay to become members of our theatre and get involved with what we do. You do not need to be a member to audition but you would need to become a member if you accept a role.

Stockport Garrick Theatre is not wheelchair accessible.

If you have any questions or you are interested in a role but unable to come to the audition please email